June 12, 2017

Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich

Hi again!
Just find a mood to write as I got cold for few days, the weather was quite cold and I wasn't fit.
As I posted things I've done in Munich, here I will share to you some pictures that I took in the zoo.

I think it's been a loooong time I never go to the zoo. And I have no longer zoo in my hometown.
So when my friend asked me if I want to hang out with her cute little boy to the zoo, I didn't think twice to say yes :)

It was Friday, and the day before was Bank Holiday, so there were lot of parents not working that day.
We met at the platform, you can easily get there by U-bahn (U3) from the city center Marienplatz and stop at Thalkirchen.

We were there around 10.30, and the line was very long. It because the weather was so nice that day.

I paid € 15, quite pricey but totally fine.

They have a special card that has a good deal as well. This is suitable for those parents who live in Munich and going to the zoo quite often.
As the staff saw that I don't speak German, she gave me the English map.

The zoo is very huge, it's about 40 hectare.
So we started to walk and had a look.
They have information in every section of animals, the name of the animals written in English and German, but the rest are written in German.
Each animals have their own house.
He looks so lovely

There are many benches here, so you can sit when you're tired or just want to relax.

I saw lot of foods for them.
Good to know that they wouldn't starve.
And I always feel happy when seeing animals eat.

They have big section of Orang Utan paradise, monkeys, chimpanzees, and orangutans.
That was funny, because they had serious activity, helps other to get rid of the louse.

The most exciting is because they have penguins.
I've never seen penguins before, only in movies. And they are known as a cute and funny animal.
They are placed in a huge aquarium, so we can only see them from outside.
It would be much better if I could touch them >_<

You shouldn't miss to see Rhino
Too bad they don't have panda. Because I'd like to see panda too.
They have a place that kids can feed several animals, but it's on construction.

They have restaurants and cafes. And at the end of the route they have nice playground.

So € 15, for me no regret at all.
I hope my post is not boring, and helps you to have an image of Hellabrunn.
Thanks for reading.


  1. So many pretty pictures :D I really want to travel more >o<

    1. Its not too far from France, you have to go to Germany too ^^