June 05, 2017

Few Things To Do in Munich

Hey, I'm excited to write about my story.
I was in Munich last weekend.
And Munich is bigger than Nürnberg, that's why I only wrote Few Things To Do. I know few days not enough to explore the city.

So here are the lists that I recommend for you,

1. Schloss Nymphenburg

Schloss in German means Castle. One of the list that you have to do is visit Schloss Nymphenburg.
This is the residence of the former rulers Bavaria, you can read the details here.
Not only the buildings, there is a nice park that makes this place worth to visit.

Since they have a nice park, it's not only tourists come here, but there are lot of people who live nearby go for running.
You can easily get here because it is located in the city, can accessed by inner city train (tram 17).

2. Churches

Yes, no kidding you have to visit the churches in Munich. Eventhough you are not Christian, and probably atheis.
Munich is kind of Chatolic city, so there are lot of Chatolic churches, and they are not too far each other. Mostly located in the center.
What I like about them, they have beautiful buildings.

St. Anna im Lehel
Dom zu Unserer Lieben Frau
The Dom is also known with Cathedral. The churches building are look amazing from outside, but there are so many constructions :(
It is good, because Germany do lot of constructions to make sure things are in a good condition. But somehow it makes me a little bit disappointed because I cant enjoy it more, and won't get a real nice picture for sure.

Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan
Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan
And last but not least, the most beautiful one.
I'm sure that you dont wanna miss all those nice churces.

3. BMW Welt

Another free thing to do is visit BMW Welt, you can see all the cool cars here. And also take a pictures as many as you want.

BMW Future Car Design
4. Zoo

If you are traveling with your kids, zoo is one of the option too.
But for me (that have no kids yet, lol) zoo is also fun.
You can check here for details.

A Happy Giraffe in The Zoo
5. New Town Hall

There is something left if you dont go to the Town Hall of Munich.

The Gate of Town Hall

There are lot of stores and restaurants around. So you can just chill, have a coffee, snack, and food.
You must know Bayern München, they usually celebrate their winning in the town hall with the major, and all the supporters would be in Marien Platz to celebrate as well.

6. Englischer Garten and Eisbach

I had no idea if there is a place for surfer in Munich, as I know usually you do it in the beach.
But actually they have a river where you can surf.
The river called Eisbach, and it flows through the Englischer Garten. Again a nice park to walk and chill.

And I saw the nice combination old and new building named Staatskanzlei near Englischer Garten, it's Prime Minister's residence of the Bavarian State.
Diana Temple at Hofgarten
Eisbach, even you're not a surfer you can go here and watch them. It is pretty cool.

7. Bavaria Statue

Not very spectacular but you can add it on your list.
You can go top of the Bavaria's head, there are lot of stairs to reach, and it costs you € 3,5.

It is also the area where Oktoberfest held.
There will be some bands playing in the stairs. Lot of people come with traditional dress.
Hmm, Oktoberfest sounds interesting.

Taken inside the Bavaria's head
8. Beer Gardens

Since beer is a major part of German culture. You have to hang out in Beer Garden.
There are some, you can choose wherever close.
The characteristics of traditonal beer gardens, they have wooden benches and prepare fresh meals.
I've read that Munich has the largest beer garden in the world, Hirschgarten.
Has seating for over 8000 people! Wow!

If you dont drink at all. Dont worry, they have non alcohol drinks like juices and soda.
People often go to beer garden to meet with friends and chilling after work. You can also bring your own food, just need to buy drink here.

Mostly they have playground too, kids friendly :D
Careful, they only have 1 liter beer.

No, I'm joking, they have 0,5 liter as well.

9. Schloss Neuschwanstein

I was very excited when I saw the castle from the pictures.
But it is a bit far from the city. About 1,5 hours driving.
But you can also go there by train I guess.
It is very touristic place. And some German might not too excited because it's always crowded and there are lot of tourists :p

It used to be the King's home. Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle was inspired by Neuschwanstein.
Yeah for sure, it's very "fairy tale".
You can also get in, but I didn't. Because I heard there is construction (again) inside the castle.
And you can imagine the line will be endless.
But if you wanna go in, better to buy the ticket online, maybe it's easier.

Here I found lot of my sisters and brothers Asians :p
They usually go with organized tour by bus.
As you can see, tons of people queuing to take a pictures.
And some of them cant stay patient and cut the line, which is annoying.

But it's worth to go to the bridge, because you get the amazing view of the castle.
Ah, I really am in the fairy tale story :D

Another view
10. Hiking

Once you decide to go to Neuschwanstein, you will see mountains on the way.
Means you can also hike to the mountain.
Some of them have cable car to the top.
So if you're not an adventurous or just too lazy, you can take the cable car.
I was done about 1154 m. And it was very beautiful view up there.

View from Buchenberge

That's all the things I've done in Munich for weekend.
I like the city more than Nürnberg to be honest.
I'll probably go to Munich again later, and go to cool places that not on the list.


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